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How the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act Will Affect Individual Tax Payers and Their Bottom Lines

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has brought upon many changes that taxpayers need to be aware of.  These changes will greatly impact the bottom line of most taxpayers in a good way.  Most of the middle class will benefit from the changes listed below as their tax liability will go down starting in 2018.

These changes are set to last from 2018 – 2025, after which, it will either alter back to the 2017 rules or not depending on the lawmakers.  There are other changes that I will get into in future blog posts, but I believe the ones that I listed here should be read and taken into context by each individual tax payer.  Please don’t hesitate to call AccountSavvy CPAs for a free consultation for the 2018 tax year and how it will affect your taxes. 

Written By Rafael Borukhov